Welcome to the Old Blues Rugby Football Club - Founded 1873

The 200 Club

For a subscription of only £12.00 per annum for each unit, members have an opportunity to win cash prizes and contribute further to Club funding. Half the proceeds are distributed to subscribers in an Annual Draw and the remainder is transferred to the Club's revenue account.

Playing members who pay subscriptions and match fees by Banker's Order at the current age-related rates of £20.00 per month are automatically allocated one unit in each draw.

All members are entitled to subscribe for units without limit. An application form is attached for both non-players and for playing members who would like to subscribe or increase their units holding. Should you already be subscribing and wish to increase your allocation, please note that the Banker's Order mandate can be used for this purpose, since it supersedes any prior instruction in relation to your subscription. Please try to pay by Standing Order, since it is easy to forget to pay annually by cheque, even though you may have every intention of doing so.

The 200 Club is under the management of Steve Newmark (accounting) and Ian Hoskins (administration) and the results of each draw are posted here on the website each year, and advised to all members in regular mail-shots.

The Club has striven to hold the current non-playing subscription at £10 per annum, recognising that many long-standing and loyal members may not be able to sustain any increase. However, we hope that those who are able will take this opportunity to contribute to this worthwhile fund-raising venture