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Guidelines for Club Members applying for tickets to Rugby Internationals

1. Introduction

This note is intended to explain the process of applying for tickets to Rugby Internationals for members of the Old Blues Rugby Football Club (OBRFC). The tickets application process is operated by the International Tickets Secretary (TktsSec) of OBRFC.

Tickets can only be applied for by fully paid up OBRFC members (subscriptions are checked) and must be for the personal use of members(ie a member should occupy one of the seats).

2. Scope

As a member of the Rugby Football Union (RFU), OBRFC can apply for tickets for the major England games and some other matches staged at Twickenham. In practice, this is the 6 Nations Championship, a set of Pre-Christmas Internationals (the opponents for which vary from year to year), Rugby World Cup games in England and other selected events such as the Varsity match.

The RFU fixes the maximum number of tickets a club can apply for depending upon a number of factors including:

• The number of teams the club runs each week; • The number of members; • The position in leagues; • The number of referees associated with the club and active.

In 2013, the RFU set the maximum number of tickets for England’s home internationals at Twickenham that OBRFC could apply for at less than 20 for each of the major games. There are some exceptions (eg England v Italy is usually in less demand and so the maximum tickets that OBRFC can apply for is higher). These maximums can vary from game to game.

OBRFC can also apply for tickets for the England away games for the 6 Nations Championship. The maximum number of away match tickets that can be applied for is usually set at 2 or 4 and are much in demand by OBRFC members.

OBRFC cannot usually obtain tickets for major matches that do not feature England (eg 6 Nations matches staged in other countries which do not include England, British Lions tours or RWC matches not staged in England).

Twickenham ticket prices range from approximately £50 to £90 each. OBRFC levies a £3 booking fee on every ticket that its members apply to the club for. This booking fee is retained by the club whether or not the ticket application is filled.

All applications must be paid for at the time the application is submitted and must also be accompanied by a stamped self-addressed envelope for each match that tickets are applied for.

Tickets for the Twickenham car parks can also be applied for. They cost approximately £35 each and are also subject to the £3 booking fee. Applications for these tickets are generally filled (but it can take a long time to exit the car park after a game!). If the RFU has filled a car park ticket application but the OBRFC member was not fortunate enough to be allocated tickets to the associated match, the car park ticket is still charged to the member. In the event a refund can be obtained from the RFU, then this is passed back to the member.

Tickets are subject to the terms and conditions imposed by the RFU. Historically, the demand for tickets has exceeded supply. All members who can no longer personally use tickets are asked to return them to the TktsSec.

3. Timing

On receipt of information from the RFU about available tickets, the OBRFC TktsSec sends an application to OBRFC members. This is generally by email and may also be by post. Application forms are usually circulated approximately 6 months before an event and specify a closing date. Funds must be paid to OBRFC at the time an application is submitted.

Those applications received by the closing date will have priority in the allocation of tickets. Any remaining tickets will be used to satisfy applications received after the closing date in the sequence in which the applications are received or will be allocated by ballot depending upon the situation.

4. Ticket Allocation

Tickets are not allocated to members until they have physically been received from the RFU which is often around two weeks before the first game in a set of matches (eg 6 Nations). The allocation is not madeuntil then because the tickets come in blocks of almost any size from single tickets to blocks of twenty or so (often there are odd numbers of tickets to be managed). The TktsSec tries to allocate tickets so that all the tickets received by a member are next to each other (or in very close proximity). In most circumstances, at least two members will be together.

Considerations taken into account when allocating tickets include the following:

• The date of the application (eg was it before the closing date); • The number of tickets applied for (there is no limit on the number of tickets that can be applied for but they all have to be funded. For the major games, it would be unusual for members to receive an allocation of greater than two or three); • The availability of tickets to meet the members’ price preferences; • Spreading the tickets in a particular set of matches (eg 6 Nations) across members so that the maximum number of members get tickets; • The option available to members to apply for single tickets (grouped with other OBRFC members) to a series of matches so that the maximum number of members get to see as many matches as possible; • The ballot!

In the event that tickets become available after the allocation to those members who applied (additional tickets or the return of tickets by members who no longer can use them), the TktsSec will notify members of the available tickets by email. These tickets will then generally be allocated by ballot to those who then apply.

5. Ticket Dispatch

Once the ticket allocation has been completed, they are dispatched in the self-addressed envelopes provided by members along with a statement and any refund cheques that may be due. Members are requested to return any tickets that they cannot personally use to the TktsSec to be offered to other members.

6. RFU Guidelines and General Information

When tickets are dispatched, the accompanying statement usually has in it something similar to the following reminders:

Dear 2013Six Nations Championship Please find enclosed your tickets for the England matches. There are Club members who have been disappointed, so please, if you do not use them yourself, please return them to me.

I normally provide the type of warning below to try to ensure that tickets do not end up in the wrong hands. For the 2006 Pre-Christmas Internationals, the RFU brought our attention to two tickets for England v South Africa which were sold on eBay and looked like they were tickets allocated to the Old Blues RFC. We disputed this and the matter went to the RFU Ticket Policy Sub-Committee. Fortunately, our challenge was upheld and no sanctions were taken against us. If the RFU had found against us, our ticket privileges could have been withdrawn for some while. It is up to every recipient to ensure tickets are used in accordance with the RFU Terms and Conditions of Issue. I request again that any tickets not for your own personal use should be returned to me. The outcome of the draw and your financial statement is as shown on the attached.

May I remind you that a number of people meet in the “Ruck and Maul” bar (by the bridge to where the food stalls are) after matches at Twickenham ........however, the Karaoke there for the Pre-Christmas Internationals in which case I suggest that we target the area nearest the outside of the stadium about halfway along the bar.


All tickets ordered and supplied are subject to the RFU ticket terms and conditions, a copy of which is available on request. In particular, no member may sell or dispose of their tickets to anyone if they are not required for the member’s personal use. They should be returned to the Club. If you are allocated two or more tickets the Club may want to know who will be accompanying you or accompanied you to the game and request back the tickets after the match (please keep your used tickets for at least a month after each game). If any of the Club tickets are discovered on the black market the RFU may sanction the Club which may lead to a loss of allocation. If you have any queries as to what you are entitled to do with the tickets issued, please speak to me.

Please contact me if you receive any tickets that you personally are unable to use.

OBRFC International Tickets Secretary

7. Receipts and Bank Details

Payment for tickets should either be by cheque (made payable to OBRFC) or by bank transfer to: Account name: Old Blues RFC Account No: 00561924 Sort code: 12-11-03

In all cases, please email the TktsSec to let him know that a payment has been made or is on its way.

8. Queries

If any member would like clarification of the above or assistance in their application, they should contact the OBRFC TktsSec as follows:


Playing monthly subs is a vital part of the income of the club, and helps to secure the great facilities that we run for all players. For all those that haven’t yet set up the direct debit for your subs (and we know who you are – and are happy to name and shame!!), please be sure to set this up ASAP. Subs are to be paid on a monthly basis, with the following rates:

Under 25 years old = £20 monthly

Over 25 years old = £30 monthly

Please set up a direct debit (takes two minutes) to the following club account:

Bank: Lloyds Bank Plc

112, Kensington High Street, London, W8 4SA

Sort Code: 30 - 94 - 65

Account Name: Old Blues RFC Subscription Account

Account Number: 07401690

Please note: You are not insured to play for the club unless you are paying subs!!